Disability & The Law


A Glory Film Co  philanthropic initiative


This film is presented in seven short parts: Introduction & Access; Healthcare; Work; Welfare & Benefits; Personal Injury; Finances; and Travel.

If you are deaf (pending the addition of subtitles to the films) you may download the narrative script here disabilityandthelaw.com/dal-script-3-1n.pdf. The script is comprehensive and carries the whole story. It provides and introductory overview of the law to help empower disabled people in England and Wales who may not know their rights. It was made on a not-for-profit charitable basis. The content does have some relevance in other territories. Please share and comment.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our projects. Title sponsor: Withy King. Segment sponsors: Unwin Safety Contour886 Terrainhopper Professor Anba Soopramanien Glyn & John Canney SSIT (Southern Spinal Injuries Trust) Smith & Williamson

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Footnote: Please read the disclaimer at the start of each film.


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